Amani Dakkak Interior Designer

Amani Dakkak Interior Designer

I N F I N I T E - D E S I G N - L B

Professional Interior Designer in Lebanon

My Awesome Story

Graduated since 2013 as Interior Designer. Then, worked on my experience level through holding multiple projects which was a perfect chance for me to upgrade my skills. Building my own business was a dream till i created my own team who supported and encourage me to start my journey in the field.

I worked as a teacher too, where my lovely students shows me the perfectness of all what i teach them about Interior Design major and how to be a professional interior designer.

The key of success is to believe that always there is a hardness to reach your goal but it will never be impossible.

اماني دقاق مهندس ديكور داخلي في لبنان بيروت طرابلس


Our Skills

We are a high qualified professional team from the best Freelancer Interior Designers. We aim to deeply understanding our clients in order to provide them with most accurate and satisfying results. From the drawing of sketch and through every stage of our work, we execute each project up-to the highest standards Modern-day Technology.

INFINITE DESIGN LB claim the finished product should reflect the personality of the owner, and even many years on, should still loom as if it was just recently concept.




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Our team of  Interior Designers  has comprehensive practical knowledge of the design of  Residential  and  Commercial spaces. This knowledge enables us with a vision that makes our interiors resonate and create atmospheres with impact. We have distinct detail-focused way towards the surroundings we create.

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